Professional weather services for expedition teams that aim high!

Anyone who counts on forecasts of dubious quality or gut feeling in mountain regions, potentially risks more than just the success of his expedition. Therefore, you should trust in MetGIS weather services:

Plan precisely: from the first stage to the final pitch
Make better decisions in extreme situations
Avoid unnecessary risks for you and your team
Save valuable energy, time and hassle

About MetGIS GmbH

Why international expedition teams trust in MetGIS

What does MetGIS actually mean?

"Met" stands for meteorology and "GIS" is the acronym for geographical information systems. The link between these two makes MetGIS weather forecasts so accurate. Weather data are combined with detailed terrain data. This improves our forecasts enormously, especially in difficult terrain.

How was MetGIS created?

It all began as a university-based research project. 10 years later experts from Europe, Russia, South America and Japan developed the MetGIS algorithms. Several verification studies displayed baffling accuracy. When more and more customers started knocking on the door, MetGIS was founded.

What does MetGIS offer today?

From our headquarters in the picturesque Viennese city centre we serve business clients all around the world in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. By providing ultra-precise data, analyses and forecasts we help you make better business decisions and work more efficiently. More at

Meteorologists with experience under extreme conditions

Our meteorologists are specialized in mountain weather. They have long-standing experience, also in alpinism under extreme conditions. Since they know about the challenges and dangers in alpine terrain, they can provide particularly valuable and practical assistance.

Developed specifically for mountain weather forecasts

Our forecasting system is based on extremely accurate terrain data and thus particularly well suited for mountain regions. Therefore clients from around the world trust in us: from the Buthan royal wedding and numerous Himalaya expeditions to international mountaineering portals. 

Ultra-precise forecasts, 
with a resolution of up to 30 m

General forecasts will not help you very much on your expedition. When planning the next stages or making critical decisions, the forecasts needed cannot be exact enough. This is why the ultra-precise MetGIS weather forecasts offer a resolution of up to 30 meters.

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Personal consultation via phone or skype:  upon request

Our meteorologists have extensive experience in alpinism and mountain climbing. They will consult you individually, having the whole spectrum of MetGIS forecast data available. This can be extremely important in changeable weather and during critical stages of your expedition.

Text messages (sat phone) for a pinpoint forecast | up to 3 weeks:  249€

Regularly receive exact numerical forecasts in compact form directly on your satellite phone. Coordinates, the number of daily updates, as well as delivery times can be specified individually by you.

PDF reports in your email inbox every day | up to 3 weeks:  249€

We will send a clear PDF document to your email address on a daily basis. It contains the most important weather parameters for the next 4 days graphically displayed (also suitable for smartphones!).

Interactive forecast maps for expeditions | 4 weeks:  from 199€

Our forecast maps are available online and offer ultra-precise data for the next 2 days (animation). With a simple mouse-click, 7 day forecasts in table format are available for all locations, peaks & camps shown on the map.


PREMIUM | Best assistance for demanding expeditions | up to 6 weeks:  990€

  • Interactive forecast map(s) OR daily PDF reports via email during the whole expedition
  • Daily text message on your satellite phone (up to 3 coordinates) during the whole expedition
  • Personal consulting via phone/skype during important/critical periods (up to 6 consultations)

STANDARD | Professional services for every expedition | up to 4 weeks:  690€

  • Interactive forecast map(s) OR daily PDF reports via email during the whole expedition
  • Daily text message on your satellite phone (up to 2 coordinates) during the whole expedition
  • Personal consulting via phone/skype during an important/critical period (1 consultation)

BASIC | Well informed on short expeditions | up to 3 weeks:  440€

  • Interactive forecast map(s) OR daily PDF reports via email during the whole expedition
  • Daily text message on your satellite phone (1 coordinate) during the whole expedition

Choose the appropriate package for your expedition:

Please find a more detailed description of the particular weather services below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you available for consulting services via phone or skype?

We preferably offer our consultation sessions between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. (CET). Additional time slots are offered upon request. In order to guarantee the best possible consulting quality, we recommend scheduling appointments with us 24 hours ahead of time.

Can the packages described above be modified or amended?

Our packages are based upon the requirements and experience of numerous international expeditions. Should you wish to add further services or enhance the service period we are happy to offer these at extra cost.

How long before my expedition should I order your weather services?

We strive to assist you in the best possible way so we reserve time slots for personal consultation early on. Thus we recommend bookings a couple of weeks in advance. In case this is not possible for you, we will do our utmost to find an appropriate solution for you at short notice.

For which regions do you offer weather services and forecast maps?

Our forecast maps are currently available for more than 200 regions - from Nepal to Greenland, from Antarctica to the Seven Summits. All other services are available for any coordinate worldwide.

Why are your packages so economical compared with the competition?

In many cases daily personal consultation is offered (and paid for!) for the whole duration of the expedition. In our experience however it is used only partially. This is why we focus on personal assistance mainly during important and critical phases of the expedition. Of course we pass on this cost advantage to you.

Or put together an individual package:

Internet reception and weather services:  
What should I pay attention to?

In remote regions internet connections are rare and costly. For this reason all of our online services are optimized concerning data consumption. However we ask you to understand that we cannot be held liable for any kind of technical breakdowns.

I participate in expeditions on a regular basis. Do you offer special discounts?

If you book weather services for several expeditions annually we offer discounts. For organizers of expeditions and travel agencies we also have all-inclusive offers for a whole year. Please contact us for more info if you are interested.

In which regions have you already supported expedition teams?

MetGIS weather services haven proven themselves numerous times in international practice: During expeditions ranging from the Himalaya region to Greenland and Patagonia.

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"During my expedition to Mongolia, I could rely 100% on you!"

Werner Troppmair, mountaineer

"During my expedition to Greenland, MetGIS weather forecasts were extremely helpful and an important guidepost!"

Gerhard Gassler, professional kayaker

"MetGIS forecasts are precise and exact. 
 That's how weather forecasts should be!"

Dominik Müller, owner of AMICAL alpin & mountain guide